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From Bondage to Prosperity

The AMCC mission is to research and develop the cultural journey of the Creole societies emerging from the Global Colonial Expansion of the Five Western European Colonial States: Portugal, Spain, Holland, Great Britain and France between the 15th and the 19th century.

Through art exhibitions and performances, cultural events, research and education around the world, the AMCC will create its art collection.

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From the historical perspective of the recognition of universal human rights, the UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS ART COLLECTION (UHRAC) of the AMCC will promote education and production of cultural goods and services.
AMCC will promote education and production of cultural goods and services to:

  • Express the shared cultural heritage and journey building today’s world Creative Economy.
  • Lead humanity to new frontiers of cognition to harmonize the interaction between spirit, intellect and body.

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    Explore new art forms of perception and expression of life emerging with the Creolisation process inclusive of and not limited to the cultural achievements of Europe. The cultural programs attached to its UHRAC express: The conviction that improvement of the quality of life of our societies has been spurred historically and foremost by our progressive individual and then collective recognition of the Universal Human Rights of each person on earth. The commitment to organize a worldwide forum studying and sharing our cultural heritage and our cosmic environment to enhance our humanism.


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