The cornerstone of a society is the education of its children, would you be one of the architects of The Sustainable Incubator hosting the Lights from the Wombs of the Triangular Trade Monumental Art Work with the Talent School Global Network Training Center and the Human Rights Pavillion of the AMCC…


American Museum of Creole Cultures


Visual Arts, Contemporary art

“CHAOSMOSE” by César Henao

Estimated Value   US$ 3,500 – 5,000


Solidarity Art Auction 

American Museum of Creole Cultures – AMCC- featuring “Chaosmose” the art work by César Henao. In advance of the auction please see more information on The Sustainable Incubator. Bids begins on  Thursday, August 31st at 6:00pm CEST (12:00pm EDT).

Sustainable Incubator 

This online-only auction brings an art work by César Henao. The product of this sale will be used to build The Sustainable Incubator In Galette Chambon, Haiti. Bids will close  Monday, October 1st at 6:00pm CEST (12:00pm EDT).


Is an art work part of the series “Infinitisations” by artist César Henao

“Chaosmose” echoes the reflexions of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatari in the book Thousand Plateaus, concerning virtuallity as the dimension of “chaos” where all potentialities collapse on themselves.

The work also points to the “Enigma of singularity” of the philosopher Jean Luc Nancy who defines the singularity as the Experience itself.


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AT OR ABOVE $100,000 : $10,000
About art work

Signature : on the back


100 x 100 cm, 39 1/3 × 39 1/3 in


Artist studio


The cornerstone of a society is the education of its children.

Universal Education for Children

Cultural tourism, history & arts

Permaculture & sustainable production

Universal Education for children

with the Talent-School Global Network

Cultural tourism

with the Universal Human Rights Art Collections –UHRAC of the American Museum of Creole Cultures and its monumental artwork LIGHTS from the WOMBS of the TRIANGULAR TRADE


for FOOD SECURITY for all and renewable energy production with the Environmental Nursery  

As a Museum-Laboratory, the AMCC  with  the “Light from the Wombs of Triangular Trade Monumental Interactive Art Work” part of its UHRAC Collection brings together interior-exterior immersive art experience, linking past to present, looking to the future with the consciousness of the Universality of the Individual Being.


The CIGC and the AMCC are joining their resources to initiate the pilot project “Incubator for Sustainable Development” in Haiti and the USA. Considering the extent of recognition of Human Rights of a state is directly correlated with the individual creativity of its citizens, their prosperity and the vigor of its governance, Haiti is a remarkable case where enslaved captives revolted and conquered the land to create a state that proclaimed Universal Individual Freedom in the First Article of its constitution on January 1st, 1804.
our work and goals

The creation of the LIGHTS from the WOMBS of the TRIANGULAR TRADE to gain ground into the global Cultural Tourism market with the commitment to invest 60% of its profit to finance the TALENT-SCHOOL-HAITI to contribute significantly in achieving Universal Education in the village until the state fulfils such obligations in the entire country

First presentation of the Pilot Project of Galette Chambon

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